Environment and Resource Management Course

Introduction of Environment and Resource Management Course

In the Environment and Resource Management Course, we will train human resources who have research and practice skills that combine interdisciplinary theories and practical knowledge on the environment and various resources in local communities and thereby can conduct appropriate management and effective utilization of environment and resources in local communities. To achieve this, students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge on social environment and various local resources as well as knowledge on management. They also analyze complex issues in local communities quantitatively and qualitatively, and understand mechanisms of social environment and management of various local resources from both theory and practice using project research. We will foster human resources who can lead new value creation and sustainable growth in local industries by resolving various issues in local communities in a cross-sectional and comprehensive manner.

Admission and Diploma policies of the Environment and Resource Management Course

Careers in which graduates are expected to be active

Governmental or organizational employees resolving local issues; returning to original work, advancement in career or career change; and doctoral students engaging in practical research on environment and resource management, etc.

Registration Models